Exiting Your Financial Planning Business

Our Business

At Juno Moneta Capital Management we are the protectorate of our clients. Our service is solely focused on protecting and growing our client’s wealth.


Our Company is built on a strong code of ethics. Our highly qualified and focused Acquisition and Integration team will always put your clients’ and staff needs first. Our business is built on long term sustainability and aligning our goals with yours.

Our experience of integrating IFA businesses into the Juno family has created a process aimed at ensuring that you, your staff and your clients get the best possible journey from initial discussions to the final sale and on into the future.

How will my business fit into Juno?

Our mantra is to “not fix it if it isn't broken”. If your model is working and your staff and clients are happy, then we would continue to operate the business in that manner enhancing it where we can with our value added services.

Additionally we ask you as the principal(s) of the firm to remain involved beyond the sale, on a timescale to suit you thus ensuring a continuity which staff and clients value. This will allow you to manage your desired exit strategy and ensure your clients are comfortable with the transition.

Succession Planning

Firstly, it is important to consider why you want to sell your business. Principles and owners decide to sell for many different personal and / or business related reasons. Juno Moneta Capital Management, will support you through the transition, considering the implications that the process will have on you, your staff and your clients. Together we can determine the value of your business and establish an exit strategy.


Route map to a successful integration

  • Implement a well planned and executed Due Diligence process

  • Form a solid partnership and process approach to acquisition and integration

  • Assessment of your Funds Under Management and how we can best service, protect and develop these going forward.

  • Appointment and selection of advisors and legal representation

  • Assessing your future needs and wants regarding employment and income requirements

  • Establish preliminary agreements in readiness for the legal process

Our Phased Approach

At Juno Moneta Capital Management we believe in a transparent, collaborative and well managed approach to acquiring your business.

We establish an agreed process with you which allows both buyer and seller to be clear on everything at every stage of the process.

  • Valuation of your business

  • Client Care Process

  • Integration Plan and Strategy

  • Deferred consideration

  • How we will work together post sale

Successful Acquisitions 2017/2018


'We are pleased that we recently completed the sale of B L Financial Planning Ltd to the Juno Moneta Group. This acquisition provides the Juno Group with an excellent Financial Services presence in West Wales, first class on-going service for BL clients, and assist the previous owners with a retirement exit strategy over coming years.


The sale was conducted in a professional, honourable, and friendly manner and concluded as agreed and planned.


Having now been part of the Juno Moneta Group for four months we are happy to report that the transition has been smooth with clients receiving a high level of quality service.


The Juno Moneta Group lead by the brilliant Louise O’Halloran is bringing a comprehensive, modern, and client focused Financial Planning service to the people of West Wales.'


John Boucher

COVID-19 Update: We at Juno are committed to ensuring the service our clients receive during this difficult and uncertain time is as close to” business as usual” as possible. Due to recent IT upgrades, we are able to operate during periods of isolation, via remote access software and in line with our business continuity planning. Our duty of care to our team and our community means that we are fully supporting the Government’s social distancing strategy which means face-to-face client meetings will be offered as a virtual meeting alternative for the time being – this can be arranged via our Advisers and colleagues in the normal manner. Our business strategy will be updated as we receive guidance and will communicate this via our website, however if you have any questions, please contact Lucy Bulley (Group COO on lb@junomonetagroup.com).

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